We absolutely loved Henrique Rozada’s winning photography entry to the fourth TEN Collection Contest. The theme was ‘Individuality in the Future’ and we had some amazing entries but the jury decided Henrique’s entry really encapsulated a unique and beautiful vision.

We spoke to him to get an idea of where he drew his inspiration from and what he did to achieve such a stunning image…. over to you Henrique:

From the theme I designed a picture of the future where everything is simplified and clear.
To represent the idea of individuality a single human figure while composing the scene seems to interact with the fabric that is the extent of your own body.

Two Softboxes were used to obtain uniform lighting on  both sides of the body of the model. The model is positioned on the same line as the Softbox. Then the white wall bounces the flash at full power
The only source of light hits the wall  to give a 100% white background.


The “studio” was improvised as we can see in the following image. The floor and the ceiling represent cutting the image. Moreover, it was necessary to move some furniture and cover the windows that were in the room.


02 - Making Of
Last but not least. I should mention that photography was only possible because my friends Mauricio and Rosangela respectively lent me the flash and the sync cable. Of course plus the willingness of the model, my friend Giovana Versolatto. It took more than 100 times to get the desired result!

03 - Final Image


Remember the next contest of the final duet from Season 3 of the TEN Collection kicks off on November 12th. Stay tuned on Facebook for all the details!