© Chris Hadfield, You are here

Well-known by internet users and by all those who have their head in the stars, the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield captivated us in 2013, sharing on Twitter his everyday life, and a lot of pictures and videos, taken from the International Space Station.

Hadfield recently published a book, You are here, Around the World in 92 Minutes, with 150 amazing pictures of the Earth. Here are some…


A twist of cloud near Arica, Chile.  © Chris Hadfield, You are here


The Richat Structure in Mauritania, also known as the Eye of the Sahara. A landmark for astronauts, Hadfield explains.

© Chris Hadfield, You are here


Great Salt Lake, Utah.  © Chris Hadfield, You are here


Himalayas.  © Chris Hadfield, You are here


Venice Floating.  © Chris Hadfield, You are here


San Francisco.  © Chris Hadfield, You are here


The Nile, and the bright lights of Cairo.  © Chris Hadfield, You are here

Chris Hadfield’s book (in English language only) is sold in print and digital formats. Depending on your device, you have a choice between a standard version of the ebook and an optimized version, for example an iBooks/iPad version (see below).

The title of the book, “Around the World in 92 Minutes”, reminds us that the International Space Station completes an orbit of Earth every 92 minutes. But it took more time for  Hadfield, during his 166 days in space, to take more than 45,000 shots of our planet, including the amazing photos for this book.

Hadfield says that his first approach was to take as many pictures as possible, but “as time went on, though, I began to think of myself as a hunter, silently stalking certain shots”. When you travel in the ISS at 17,500 miles per hour, the astronaut explains that, sometimes, you have less than a minute to shoot the landscape. If you miss the opportunity, it may not arise again for another six weeks to find ideal conditions!

Today, Hadfield is retired. But the future is assured. NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman, currently living on the ISS, is also sharing amazing photos of Earth on Twitter! If space is your passion, don’t forget the wonderful galleries of pictures and videos from the NASA, the European Space Agency… and pictures of space and astronauts on Fotolia.