We are extremely excited to announce the winners of the fourth instalment of the TEN Collection Season 3 Contest.

We set Graphic Designers the task of creating a PSD based on the theme “Individuality in the Future” and Photographers were asked to challenge Photographer Mikel Muruzabal’s photo with a photo of their own, again based on the same theme.

Once again the selection of images submitted really impressed the judges, highlighting the creative vibrancy and talent within the community.

We are so pleased to announce the fourth Contest winners:

Congratulations Victor Murillo Jansegers, from Spain and Ronaldo Unruh from Paraguay! 

Victor wins a fantastic selection of prizes for their fantastic entry to the design contest:


  • 1 x Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet
  • 1 x Adobe Creative Cloud three month subscription
  • 1 x Roland VersaStudio BN-20 printer
  • 1 x Exaprint 200 € voucher
  • 1 x Template Monster template + 300 USD worth of customization services
  • 1 x Fotolia subscription of 25 downloads per month, for one year

And Henrique wins an equally great selection of prizes including:


  • 1 x Adobe Creative Cloud three month subscription
  • 1 x Westcott 43” Octogonal Apollo Orb
  • 1 x Exaprint 200 € voucher
  • 300 x Fotolia credits, cashable on Fotolia.com

Thanks to everyone who submitted their photos and designs – we appreciated all the effort and imagination behind every one.

Season 3’s fifth and final TEN collaborative artwork launches on November 10th; for all the news and updates stay up to date on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

And don’t forget, if you missed this TEN creative challenge then we’ll be having another contest launching on November 10th