We got a chance to have a quick chat with one of Fotolia’s top selling food photography Contributors. Here he explains where he gets his influences from and what it is about food photography which inspires him.  Over to you Marco…..

I am Italian and I live and work in Milan. I started working with Fotolia at the end of 2009  having read an article about the market of microstock; something that I didn’t know much about.

dough for pizza - preparazione pizza

My favourite dish is absolutely spaghetti with seafood. All the dishes I photograph are cooked and assembled by me. Some recipes are from the food-magazines I work with while others are simply my inventions.

pasta with norway lobster zucchinis flower and saffron

I love the light used by the great artist Caravaggio in his paintings: not too much, roomy and concentrated. My style focuses on this kind of light that emphasises more the subject of the picture, exalts the nature and the details of the objects that I shoot. An example can be found here.  The concept of this picture is that of a little roomy light.


cheeseboard  with an assortment of cheeses and fruits
Surely my upbringing in Italy has influenced my creative style. The secret is: love what you photograph. I love cooking so I linked my passion for the food with one of the photography.

There is not a particular food-photographer that inspires me. I like to watch the photos made by various professionals on food books or food magazines.

slice bacon - pancetta affettata

I work especially with food periodicals or with advertising agencies that organise campaigns, so more than focus on the audience I know what the clients and the art directors want from me and from my photos…  I therefore work on their needs and input.

My plans for the future? Publish a book with my recipes and my photos and create a blog. This is my bestseller which has sold more than 3300 times:

hot  coffee - caffe fumante

Thank you so much to Marco for sharing some of his inside workings and processes. For more of his beautiful food photography check out his Fotolia portfolio, his website and find him on Facebook.