Jakub Gojda profile photo

Having read an article about the microstock business on a bus back in 2008, Jakub Gojda decided to give a career in photography a crack. He was attracted by the infinite possibilities of creativity, and the accessibility of an industry in which anyone with a digital camera has the opportunity to upload photos for submission.


The Czech photographer started modestly, conducting most of his shoots in a small home studio consisting of two small bulbs, and a big white paper sheet. He has since risen to Fotolia prominence and has invested in more sophisticated equipment as well as his own rented photo studio.


Jakub is a firm believer in seeking enjoyment from his profession. He admits to a love of food and drink photography “Because you can ear or drink it after shooting.” When else, he asks, “Do I have the excuse to drink 10 litres of beer?”

“My photographic style is multi-themed because I don’t like the stagnancy of one subject.” Jakub uses a variety of subject matter – from food and drink,  to freeze motion of water, to colour splashes, to seasonal holidays. He is also a big fan of using Photoshop to vitalize pictures further.


When it comes to creating popular photos, Jakub advises the following:

  • Simplicity (spending hours on one image is ineffective), multi key-word usage, and originality
  • Take in as much inspiration from everything around you as you can
  • Identify your target audience before taking each individual photo. Will your image serve a function for them?
  • Find naturally good looking subject matter – even in small thumbnail preview, images must look good because this is how potential clients will see it on websites
  • Combine quality and quantity, whilst watching trends, to stand a higher chance of selling


Questioned over the future of careers in microstock photography, Jakub had the following to say:

“Today, the technical requirements from reviewers are much higher than they were 5 years ago, but on the other hand, the quality of digital cameras is growing and it´s easier to shoot more technically perfect images than it was in the past. However, due to massive uploads from a huge number of contributors and growing microstock databases, it is increasingly difficult to have a successful image. Some people say that this sector of market will be oversaturated in near future, but I’m a positive person and believe in bright tomorrows. New images, new ideas and new perspectives will always be in high demand in spite of the millions of new uploads flooding the industry.


I wish you all good luck in this beautiful world of endless possibilities of creativity and freedom!”

Ever the optimist, it was a pleasure corresponding with Jakub Gojda.

Written by Sam Bradpiece