Working apiaristFotolia’s stock portfolio is one of the biggest in the world, containing over 30 million images ensuring that whatever a user’s brief is, they will find the relevant and appropriate image that match the local demands of what country they are working on behalf of.

Trends in stock photography can shift quite dramatically year on year, however in 2014 so far we’ve noticed a steep incline towards images depicting stages in real life: processes and storyboard-like narratives portrayed in photos.

High angle view of coach talking to basketball team

Users have also vocalised their requirements for images that realistically highlight the population and its cultural, social and technological development. Ethnic diversity represented in photos is a key example as users branch out of using typical ‘stock’ aesthetics. From images of individuals to family life scenarios to professional environments, there needs to be a true representation of ethnic diversity on a scale that is true to real life. Users want the type of images they used previously, people interacting and engaging in real-life situations, but with people from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds. Find examples of these types of images here.

bunker shot

Another example where we have met our customer’s demands is for image series where a body of work is exemplified in a continuous stream of images. A fantastic example of this is here. We’ve also made it easier for users to view these image flows by introducing our new ‘similar’ feature, which allows users to choose an image and then view all related images in one gallery.

italian artisan working in lutemaker workshop

We found that once a customer has chosen an image, which they like, there is often a slight aspect to it that isn’t quite right for their brief. By uploading images from the whole series it gives the user far more of a chance of finding the suitable one to fit their needs. They can take a selection from the series and try out a variety in order to find the perfect match.

Two young adults talking on train

Another trend that has been brought to our attention from our customers is the need for images, which have not gone through heavy post-production. They want images that are fresher and more natural, caught on scene, in the moment. There has to be a more spontaneous yet symbiotic feel to the images. Images depicting people, places or objects in real-life settings cannot be obviously heavily post-processed. Great example of this type of aesthetic can be found here.

We want to ensure that as a Contributor we are communicating our client’s demands so that you can have the best success in terms of sales.

Surgeon places a surgical lamp