One of the fastest growing trends we’ve seen over the past couple of years is the rise in the demand for infographics.

Infographics are the visual presentation of data or information in an efficient and informative style to allow content to appear more concise and structured.

Education Infographic Element

Use of infographics on social media is one of the biggest explanations as to why demand for them has increased so dramatically in recent years however they are not a new concept. Maps of subway lines are some of the first examples of infographics being used commonly for public reference. The London underground diagram being one of the most famous, conceived by Henry Beck in 1931.

Nowadays the prevalence of tools such as Adobe Flash, HTML 5 and CSS3 allow for infographics to be animated, enhancing the user experience and the method in which content and information is visualized. Businesses therefore have become very savvy in using them as a way to attract potential clients as well as displaying information for educational and content purposes.

Ecology and internet flat design info graphics

Fotolia has a great selection of infographics to be used in different pictorial formats including those that are more business and corporate focused to examples that have a slightly more creative and media-savvy aesthetic.

Abstract 3D digital Infographic

View some of our favorite examples of infographics in this dedicated gallery.