We’re super excited to release a sneak peak of what you can expect from the fourth duet of Season 3 of the TEN Collection by Fotolia. Showcased on the 10th September the artwork continues to display original and inspired methods of working as well as a unique final PSD complete with all layers.

Watch now to get a preview of what to expect in September:


Following on from the overall season’s theme of  ‘The Future’, French digital artist Christophe Huet and Spanish photographer Mikael Muruzabal have combined their artistic talents to create a beautiful PSD based on their vision of the future, entitled ‘Energy of Life’.

The powerful image emits both a sense of strength and weakness within human nature. Both Huet and Muruzabal were extremely open-minded, not wanting to conform to the usual clichés that can often condense a vision based on the topic of the ‘Future’.

Download the TEN Collection’s free PSD for 24 hours on the 10th of September, from 10am local time. Find TEN on Facebook and follow Fotolia on Twitter for all the latest news and updates.