We launched our Fotolia app for iPad back in May and already the response has been fantastic. The app is the only example for iPads that allow users to directly download their images directly; in whatever resolution they wish, to their Google Drive and/or Dropbox Folder as well as iPad camera roll.


The application has four simple steps, which enable users to efficiently attain the creative resource they require from Fotolia’s world-famous stock library of over 30 million images:

1. Discovering
2. Selecting
3. Sharing
4. Purchasing


The apps interface is a revolutionary visual experience in which search results appear on the page in a mosaic format. With just one click the user can select the image they desire and view it full-frame, in high quality. To view more search results it’s just a fingertip’s scroll through to the next image.

The information tab heightens the experience allowing users to see more results from the same series, artist, or from the same keyword. They can also begin a new search here by entering a different keyword. It’s that simple!

Fotolia is renowned for it’s contemporary filter options and this has been integrated into the app allowing users to narrow their search options according to price, file type (photo, illustrations, vectors), collection (Standard, Infinite, Instant) or options (panoramic, horizontal etc.).

The app, as with accessing Fotolia on a desktop, also allows users to save their images to their own unique personal galleries as well as sharing them via email or their social media networks.

The Fotolia app for iPad is revolutionising not only the way in which customers can download images but search for them also. A commute for example, or moment of declining inspiration can now be utilised by accessing images wherever you are


Oleg Tscheltzoff, CEO and co-founder of Fotolia says, “The best applications are those that are fun to use, backed with a reliable service, so that our customers know they can trust Fotolia to help turn their ideas into images, anytime, anywhere!  With an intuitive and modern design, we believe this application is as fun to use as it is useful”. 

The iPad app is a key part of Fotolia’s current growth strategy, centered around applications for mobile devices. Launched in late 2013, the Instant Collection app for smartphones now has over 30,000 users.

Fotolia’s mobile device apps cater to the growing need for a quick and easy user experience. “Our mobile applications are developed internally, by our R&D team,” says Morgan David De Lossy, Director of mobile strategy for Fotolia.  “We’ve recruited another six developers in the past year, in order to focus on our mobile strategy, in addition to our already existing team of 20.”

The app is compatible with iOS 7, and can be downloaded free from the App Store