Discover today’s free PSD to download from this talented duo, as well as the fascinating tutorial video revealing the secrets behind their image. Both creative files are available, as always, for 24 hours from 10am today: be sure not to miss them!

Photographer and urbanite, Paul Ripke, wanted to create a piece “that represents the city of Hamburg from a futuristic point of view.” The keenest observers will recognise the great port city of Hamburg; a place where windmills, cranes, industry and ecology co-exist. Others will simply let themselves be transported by the mystery of the artwork.

The scene depicts a post-apocalyptic city with an eerie calmness. Movement is present everywhere – in the waves, the surfer in mid-air, the sails in the distance… and yet, everything seems to be frozen in time. Men and women blend into the seascape as though they are spirits of the water. The wake boarder, (Frederic “Freddy” von Osten, European Championship 2012, 2013 and World Championship 2012) who dominates the super-natural scene is “jumping over numerous human bodies,” inferring the man’s dominance over the elements. According to Ripke, this is the sport of the future, and “surfing the city” might not be such a distant fantasy after all

Download Nik Ainley’s unique PSD, free and complete with all its objects, layers, and effects for you to learn from. You’ll also find Paul Ripke’s fantastic photos, also free for 24 hours.

Then, on July 12th, it’s your turn: all you photographers and designers, amateurs and professionals, can you match Paul and Nik’s work? There are fantastic prizes to be won if you can…

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