The Android version of the Instant App has finally launched on Google Play just in time for you to monetize your glamorous summer snapshots this year and make us all jealous!

The Instant collection launched as a test in October 2013, and it has already proven to be extremely successful, recently achieving over 50,000 image downloads.
With the Instant Collection, Fotolia is leading the growing need for advertisers to connect with the younger generation by using their own iconography.

This is the first summer of the collection and we have great expectations for the images we’re expecting to see uploaded. Therefore we thought we’d share a quick reminder of the technical basics and how to shoot bestsellers:

1) Clean the small lens before you shoot!
Most technical rejections happen because this tiny lens has some dust or finger print marks on it. It’s so simple to clean it beforehand.


2) Don’t mess with the light.
Small sensors need more light to avoid grain and noise.
Shoot outdoors and with the sun behind you whenever you can.
Not only will your image be sharper, but you’ll get stunning colors.

3) Instant is a special collection.
Filled by inspired mobile contributors for customers who need new kind of images to connect with on-trend iconography.
This collection is curated to stick to its goal -> Fun, People, Action, Color and Spontaneity are best-sellers.
Avoid food, buildings, landscapes and pets.


For more info, head to

For more great tips about shooting with your mobile, check our ” Mobile Photography – Instant App” section on the blog

We wish you a great summer, great images, and great sales!