We’ve been hard at work here at Fotolia, making it easier than ever to find all the images you need with our new intuitive search results and options, stylish image galleries, and better comps!

How will these developments help you…?

Find the exact image you want using our Similar and Same series functions.

Similar Series – choose any image from your initial search results and discover others that resemble it in feel, style, and content.


Same Series  – discover images in the same series – with consistent creators, models or descriptions.

Use the Similar and Same series to save time, improve results, and achieve image nirvana!


Try our Undiscovered search to seek out the truly unique – discover “lost” images that have never been downloaded before. Originality guaranteed!


Our inspired new Mosaic format displays search results in an easy-to-view layout with large thumbnails that jump out of the screen! Simply click the Mosaic icon in your search results…


Get new 500px comps for better testing – now with image IDs for simple referencing and less intrusive watermarks to boost image clarity and definition – say goodbye to crude watermarks on low-res comps! 

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