You know what we love about the Fotolia Instant App? It gives professional stock users the opportunity to test their creativity and brand on new markets. But don’t just take our word for it! We spoke to Thai-based contributor Chotirath Sangposiri about her experience with the Instant App  – and some top tips for making the most of it!

ChotirathFotolia: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, where you’re based, and your path into Stock Images Contributor?

Chotirath Sangposiri: Hi, Fotolia, I’m Chotirath Sangposiri or just call me Chowy. I am a programmer. I was born in Bangkok and still live in Thailand now.

At first I had no basic knowledge about taking photos, but I started uploading them on stock websites, kept trying and learning, and that helped my development.

Personally, I like mobile photography the most. It suits me. Mobile makes taking pictures easier. We can record every day, anytime. My smartphone is actually my favorite way to take photos, because it is so easy and convenient to bring with me anywhere and everywhere.

Fo: What, in your opinion, are the ingredients in creating a fantastic photograph?

eat icecream with friend greedily

© chochowy –

CS: Great composition is the key, as well as really highlighting the overall feeling you want the photo to be about. I have no favorite theme – mostly it depends upon the things I want to focus on at that moment.

Taking photos is something more than just a hobby – I love being able to  immediately upload the awesome things in front of me.

Fo: How did you discover the Fotolia Instant App and how have you enjoyed using  it so far?

CS: I already had an account with Fotolia and received emails from them about the Instant App, so I downloaded it. Mobile photography is really quite trendy now but Fotolia Instant is the first application that I came back to use and really am so interested with. I always use my free time to upload new photos.

Fo: Can you pick your favorite image from your Instant portfolio and tell us a bit about it – where you were and why it’s your favorite?

vintage old branches tree and green leaf

© chochowy –

CS: I really like Vintage old branches tree and green leaf. It was taken in the afternoon time near my university and makes me feel peaceful, warm, and refreshed. The green color of the leaves, the brown of the branches, and the sunshine all make me feel like nature is so beautiful and attractive.

Fo: Your Instant profile has so many different locations in the subject – where has been your most inspirational place to capture?

CS: I actually like the photos of every place I’ve been. It shows that I have been there in a different time, so I have no special place. When I want to take a photo I look around to find a new idea and arrange the photo elements so they describe the place and feeling through the photo as much as possible.

Fo: What recommendations can you give to someone looking to start using the Fotolia Instant App?

CS: Don’t worry about it, just try it! It’s very easy and fun; the Fotolia Instant app is so simple to use that it’s easy to get great photos using it.

Fo: When you first started selling your images did you know what kind of images you would produce or was it simply trial and error and adapting to market trends?

CS: At first I tried to learn the rules of Fotolia from photos that were rejected in order to make them better. Then I would watch my most popular photos and market trends to adapt my style.

silhouettes man going up by escalator

© chochowy –

Fo: What are your most popular images in your Instant Collection portfolio? Why do you think they are so popular?

CS: I like my photo Silhouettes man going up by escalator because every object in the photo is just perfect in terms of color, proportion, elements, keywords, and market trends.

The place in this photo is Terminal 21, the shopping mall in Bangkok. The mall’s theme is an airport terminal, with each floor decorated like a different city from around the world. A large escalator connects the first floor to the third, with a big mirror that makes it feel like you’re watching planes taking off and flying away.

gardener transport flower by pick up

© chochowy –

Before I took this photo, I needed a photo that felt like “going up ” with a big mirror as a background – that’s why I choose people on the escalator; but also I wanted to make it feel like it had movement and rhythm, so I estimated the distance between each person till it looked natural.

The dark tone color to make the photo looks interesting with no need for any detail on the people in the photo.

Fo: Thank you so much for your time, Chotirath!

For more of Chotirath’s amazing imagery check out her Fotolia portfolio and Instant Collection.

Remember the Instant App is free on iTunes!