TatianaTatiana Zaghet has been sharing her original and beautiful Instant images on Fotolia, so we were keen to speak with her to discover her inspiration, what drives her creativity, and her experience with the Instant Collection App.

Fotolia: Hi, Tatiana!

Tatiana Zaghet: Hello, Fotolia! I live in Vittorio Veneto, a small town one hour from Venice in Italy. I’m 38 years old and the mother of two treasures – Lucrezia and Rossella. I’m a former model, historical car racer, and Buddha Bar music lover.

I’m an amateur photographer rather then a professional one, but I have worked for local magazines and my portraits are on book covers, too.

I’m an iPhone addict: I use an iPhone 5s and 5c and Olloclip lenses sometimes. I love Instagram and the spontaneity of this shooting style. I discovered Fotolia a few years ago, but I have really began to enjoy more the stock photography world with the Instant Collection, where I can perfectly express myself!


A fantastic photograph is one which moves, touches, excites, and thrills! The ingredients in creating a good photograph can be different from time to time, but to me it’s a matter of love and passion for life and what surrounds me. It’s the energy that can be shared with other souls much more than technique or devices.

My favorite subject is people, – but it’s also the most difficult! There’s nothing like a beautiful portrait…. Together with Venice… She’s a shining star in every way! I love walking around and just looking at this fab city as it is: secret, magic, and always new.

I discovered the Fotolia Instant app through Fotolia’s news, as I’m a contributor: I find it wonderful; it’s the future of stock photography as I keep telling my incredulous friends.

64886039The app works perfectly on my iPhone: I can take the pictures, do a little editing, and upload them in a very fast and easy way. Fotolia Instant is for unexpected photography which can be taken only with a mobile device! I already recommended this app to some of my friends and what I told them is – the truth – it’s very easy, and all you need is to play with creativity!

My favorite image stocked on my Instant portfolio is this one.

I was on San Giorgio Isle, right in front of San Marco square. The sun was setting and there was a perfect warm sky, high tide was making the waves splash on the stairs in front of the big church and I was trying to find a lower point of view for shooting. Well, it was a lot of fun as I washed my phone and myself many times, it makes me smile right now when I think about those moments!

This is the result of about 50 photos and lots of water. Unforgettable!

As I said, Venice is my favorite  location for photography, but I also love the beach so much! I think creativity is more important then location: I took some images also right outside the door of my home or on the table in the kitchen. There’s no limit, I suppose.


I’m not very good at adapting to market trends, but I’m trying to do my best. What I mean is that if I limit my creativity following too many indicators then my pictures will be horrible. That’s why I see it more as a hobby, rather then my work. But I’m challenging myself in trying new things and I must confess, I get lovely results!

My most popular Instant Collection image is this heart painted on a wall, which I found very close to home on the external wall of a church. I think it’s popular because it’s an expression of love, a teenage love message, spontaneous and pure, like only love can be!

It was published in the magazine Digital Photo in France as an inspirational photo! I also sell a lot of images of views of Venice, that is a big collection, indeed!


I managed to capture this image of a wooden boat I found in the Giudecca isle, Venice, seen from a high point of view, with the reflection of a modern palace.

I love this kind of image and have taken many of them around there. Like a puzzle of pieces of life, it is really meaningful for a city like Venice – boats are the only means of transport for people living there. I’m really glad you like it! It is always a bit ‘dangerous’ (but fun) to take photos like this because the risk of falling in the canal is really high!

I’m honored to have the chance to answer to your questions, and now you know a bit more about my story and me!

Fo: Wow!  Thank you so much for your time and your kind words, Tatiana.  It’s been a pleasure talking with you.

If you’d like to see (or buy) more of Tatiana’s work then there’s lots to see on her Fotolia portfolio.

You can also visit her website and follow her Instagram feed.