There are just a few days left to enter our two TEN Collection, Season 3 contests which closes on May 31st!



There are some absolutely fantastic prizes to be won, which will go to the best artwork and photograph challenging our current TEN duo – designer Mateusz Chmura and photographer Lucia Giacani, both on the theme of Health 2.0.

Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, enter via our contest application on Facebook to give us your version of what ‘Health’ will look like in the Future.

The best thing about Season 3’s contests is that whether you’re a Photographer or Designer, you can choose your artistic field! Both contests close on May 31st, and the winners will be announced on June 9th.

There’s still time left to enter and if you need something further to tempt you into entering then check out the prizes offered by Adobe, Wacom, Westcott, Exaprint, Roland, Template Monster… and Fotolia of course on Facebook.

Watch the tutorial video to be further inspired by Lucia and Mateusz and discover their interpretation of what ‘Health 2.0” is.