Clean Inside

Clean Inside

Part two of the of Fotolia’s TEN Collection S3 launches today with an extraordinary collaborative piece, entitled ‘Clean Inside’, the work of Milan-based fashion photographer Lucia Giacani and Warsaw’s graphic designer Mateusz Chmura (aka MatCloud).

Download a FREE PSD of their creation, “Clean Inside” for 24 hours from 10am on Friday 9th May.

“What won’t we sacrifice for a “healthy” body, and where do we draw the line?” This is the question at the heart of the TEN duo’s work.

“The subject in our creation suffers, much like a martyr, displaying her organs like a badge or a medal of piousness, like a Sacred-heart,” they explain. Both seeks to question the cult of the ideal body and pure lifestyle promoted by politicians, doctors, and the media.

Discover how they use their skills to do this in our exclusive tutorial video.

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Lucia Giacani and Mateusz Chmura (aka MatCloud)

Lucia and Mateusz

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