As you know Fotolia has a fantastic variety of stock photos, but have you seen our equally fantastic portfolio of textured backgrounds?

grunge mixed mediaNo? We thought not. That’s why we’ve┬áchosen some unique and inspired creative pieces to highlight here. Rich in color and surface layering these backgrounds can spice up any design or artistic brief.

The different techniques used to create this layered mixed media textured piece (right) ensure all the colors have a fantastically hypnotic effect.

alt eis kratzerBlue hues and fine lines create this stunning frost-inspired piece (left) that makes for an original background with which to liven up any presentation.

mixed media texturenThe deepness of the purple and blue ensure enhancement of the red and oranges making this a truly captivating piece (right).

These are just a few examples of the wealth of beautiful and original textured backgrounds we have in our library at Fotolia.

To view more check out our dedicated gallery here.