Corina Rosu was one of Fotolia’s top-selling illustrators of 2013 – we persuaded her to spare a few minutes from her busy schedule and tell us how she became a best-seller…


Fotolia: What do you think has made your images so popular and led you to becoming one of Fotolia’s best-selling illustrators of 2013? 

Corina Rosu: It’s hard to say. Maybe it’s the simplicity and clear concepts that make them attractive to buyers. The diversity is probably another thing that counts.

Fo: When you began selling images on stock did you have a plan, or was it simply trial and error and adapting to market trends?

CR: Looking at the “best-selling” sections helped a lot – it’s the place every photographer should look before starting to upload images. The rest is just the ability to be creative and original. I always try to make something new; but it’s not at all easy to be original because there are millions of images out there.

Yeah, “it’s a jungle out there”, but probably that’s the beauty.

MagnifierFo: How do you stay up to date with current trends and forecast what will be popular in the future?

CR: What are the trends…? It’s always the big question. The Internet is full of trend analysis, but in fact, buyers will buy what we, the photographers or illustrators, sell them. I think our skills, creativity, and originality become new trends, and the market shifts itself, like natural selection, telling us what works and what doesn’t. Anyway, I don’t think there is a clear prescription for trends, only forecasts.

I believe simple images, ones full of hope and meaning inspired by our lives, will always be in trend.

Fo: Corina, thanks so much for your time!

You can see (and buy!) a lot more a lot more of Corina’s best-selling images on her Fotolia portfolio.