Mr XertyFotolia’s first introduction to the mysterious Mr Xerty came during Season 1 of the TEN Collection. He was self-taught, we were told, working as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator since 2008.

Nervous friends, fearful of giving too much away, whispered how Xerty (the “Mr” came later) only found his true calling in graphic design after a friend introduced him to Photoshop. Where is that friend now? No one knows…

After several internships and jobs as a junior graphic designer, Xerty moved to Paris and began freelancing at the ripe old age of 24.

Legend says his style has become more polished over the years, opening doors and providing new opportunities, both professional and creative.

But even today, Mr Xerty continues to mix and tap into all his surroundings, especially when traveling abroad. His mixed-media creations meld many influences: urban areas, music, vintage elements, the Circassia world, and American alternative culture.


Rhythm Is The Key

It is the same for his technical creations, where he does not hesitate to mix photos, textures, and 3D shapes in surprisingly blended compositions.

His world is a surreal and crazy one, shared with great gusto, showcasing a crazy vision born of a colorful life!

Mr Xerty kindly shared with us three pieces from his portfolio, all made using a selection of images from

Mr Xerty explained some of the inspiration behind them.

“Rhythm Is The Key, is a piece about San Francisco. It’s a city that had always particularly struck me .

“The original idea in this composition is the photo of a young woman, which I immediately imagined as a pin-up and placed on vinyl, surrounded by vintage elements.

“It’s a mixed media creation, using photo montage and a traditional paintbrush.”

Dream Patrol

Dream Patrol

Images used – OneTwo, Three, FourFive, and Six.

“Dream Patrol is of a world inspired by the master, Enki Bilal.“I tried to recreate something similar to some of his atmospheric illustrations while making it an exclusively digital creation.

“Again, it’s a mixed media creation, employing photo montagesand additional textures.”

Images used – One, Two, and Three.

“Another creation inspired by one of my trips was Soul Mate.


Soul Mate

“This time it was a road-trip beginning in Miami, Florida and winding all the way to Louisiana.

“I think of it as Nature and music all wrapped up in a tropical heat!

“This is once again a mixed media creation of photo montage with added texture and traditional paint applied via traditional brush.

Images – One, Two, Three, FourFiveSix, SevenEight, and Nine.