We’re proud of Julien Tromeur: he was one of Fotolia’s best-selling illustrators in 2013. He’s also a self-confessed sponge, thirsty for new ideas and experiences. So we caught up with him and asked for his thoughts on just…stuff!

Julien Tromeur

Fotolia: Why do you think your images are so popular and have led you to become one of Fotolia best-selling illustrators of 2013?

Julien Tromeur: Hello, well I think I have a unique style, a niche, I mostly do 3D cartoon characters, that’s my thing, I’m having fun and people seem to respond well.

By the way, a lot of people write to me and ask for poses or suggest ideas. I like those interactions, so keep them coming! 

I think I brought quality, originality and humor to the market: I’m a creative, I’m curious, I have a lot of ideas. I believe we’re all the products of our environments, I live in Paris and I like to travel a lot, I can be even happy going to a supermarket and looking at everything, I’m a sponge!

Fo: When you first started selling your stock images on Fotolia did you plan the kind of images you would produce? Or was it a case of trial and error and adapting to what the market wanted?

Grenouille avec un journalJT: It was both. I had many ideas, and some of my files simply had the “secret sauce” and sold a lot (the frogs, for example) so I kept them coming.

At the same time I need to do original content, I need to create, I always want to find the next big thing, and I’ll find it, I just know it.

As for trends, well I try not to fall into this, but you have to adapt, for example laptops are gone and tablets are in, you need to be current.

Fo: How do you stay up to date with current trends and forecast what will be popular in the future?

JT: I want to be in this market a long time, so I try not to do what’s hot, but mostly what will still please people in ten years time. Then you adapt. If hipsters like ugly glasses, well, you do ugly glasses… 😉

More seriously, just get out, watch the news, read the papers, and get interested in technology, health, lifestyle, fashion, etc.

But that’s the easy part; the hard part is everything else!

For the future, you need to think globally. For example, I believe Africa is going to be big, and they’ll need graphics, too, and not just your white characters, so I try to do some. They don’t sell a lot now, but it feels good knowing you can help in some way, even if it’s just with a black superhero or something.

Fo: Thanks, Julien, that’s really given us something to think about. Especially the frogs…

You can see (and buy!) a lot more of Julien’s work on his Fotolia portfolio.