Following the success of TEN Collection Seasons One and Two, we’re almost ready to launch Season Three, taking the innovation, education, and artistic expression of previous seasons to a whole new level!

fotolia-ten-season3-01-teaser-v3This time, our ten artists will be formed into five duos: one internationally renowned photographer with another, equally celebrated, graphic artist. The pair will create a unique artwork exploring their vision of the future – to be made available for free, along with their techniques and source files so anyone can learn from them.

In March, May, July, September, and November, a PSD file complete with all the layers, filters, metering, camera settings, and Fotolia images, will be shared by the artists.

For just 24 hours on the 10th of those months, these files will be free to download from – and so will one further image taken during the shoot (also available for purchase later at the Fotolia website).

Every artwork also come with a making-of video detailing the creative method, including the artists’ first meeting, their thought processes, and work methods, from designing the concept through to the photo shoot, and followed by the photo-editing montage and design stages.

Fotolia is proud to announce our continuing collaboration with fantastic partners in the graphic arts industry such as Adobe and Wacom and our creative collectives Gang Corporate and WTF, as well as prestigious leaders in the media.

Sign up now on to be notified when the files can be downloaded, or follow us on Facebook and you’ll get an extra 24 hours to download the PSD for free!

Can’t wait? Watch the TEN Season 3 video teaser here.