Season 2 of the TEN Collection by Fotolia replicated the success of Season 1 highlighting a variety of creative and technical skills infused with regional influences. The artists’ work continue to inspire designers and artists globally and once again the TEN Collection is giving designers the chance to challenge this Season’s artists based on the themes they were originally given.

The winner of the Season 1 Contest, Poland’s Sebastian Powszuk has shared with us what it meant to win, why it is worth entering and how Season 2 differs from the previous year’s Season.

S1 Winner Sebastian Powszuk

S1 Winner Sebastian Powszuk

Fotolia: What has changed in your life / career after winning the TEN Collection contest by Fotolia?

Sebastian Powszuk: First of all my winning significantly increased my graphics confidence and belief in my own abilities. The victory confirmed in me the belief that I have chosen the right path, and that graphic design is what I want to do in life.

After winning, interest in me has significantly increased, which allowed me to make a lot of interesting acquaintances with people in the industry and beyond. This has helped me with the number of orders and interesting projects to work on. I had a lot of opportunities to present my work and my way of seeing the world (interviews, articles, workshops), which positively influenced my name recognition in the industry. It helped me progress hugely.

Fo: According to you why is it worth entering the contest?

SP: A competition of this scale is an excellent platform to spread your wings. The very process of creating the work can be very educating. This is an excellent opportunity to see – from the inside – how the best designers work, draw conclusions and apply that knowledge in your own work.

The benefits of this are priceless. There is no better incentive when you have the opportunity to win (everyone has a chance, I’m a perfect example), promote yourself, get tons of experience and have the opportunity of winning fantastic prizes.


‘Travel’, Sebastian’s S1 contest winning entry

The TEN Collection S2 Contest launches this Friday, 10th January.  For all Contest updates and TEN Collection news ‘like’ us on Facebook to ensure you don’t miss anything!