Iñigo Cia da Riva lives in Spain, but his beautiful photographs are from all around the world, embracing landscapes, cities, animals, plants, and people.

How does he find and record such remarkable images? We persuaded him to stay in one place long enough to answer some of our questions…

Fotolia: Hola, Iñigo! We know you’re a traveler and a photographer, but can you tell us a little more about yourself?

Iñigo Cia da Riva

Iñigo Cia da Riva

Iñigo Cia da Riva: I’m an amateur photographer from Pamplona, in Spain.  I’ve had a connection with the world of photography since I was very little thanks to my father, who was a great amateur photographer.

But my own love of photography really began with the advent of the digital era. I’m completely self-taught and love experimenting with every different type of photography.

Fo: Your Fotolia portfolio has such a wide selection of images – do you travel a lot to capture them?

ICdR: I love traveling and I like to document the places I visit through my camera. I’ve visited various countries in Europe and the Americas – some very special, such as as Iceland and Costa Rica.

Fo: What is your favorite subject to photograph?

ICdR: I love images of landscapes, particularly at night, but I like trying all types of photography.

Fo: What is it about photography that you love?

ICdR: It’s the way we can document our experiences through photography and share these with other people for them to relive in future times.

Fo: Is that one of the reasons you sell your images on Fotolia – to preserve them for the future?

ICdR: Selling on Fotolia is a very useful experience if, like me, you’re hoping to turn professional. It helps make you aware how you need to improve and to get the highest possible quality pictures. It’s an interesting challenge for today’s photographer.

Fo: Your most downloaded photo on Fotolia is Rider in Action. Where was this taken?

Rider in Action by Iñigo Cia da Riva

Rider in Action by Iñigo Cia da Riva

ICdR: This was taken in the Pyrenees, near my house. I took it with the help of a friend and using natural light with flash support for the shadows. It really wasn’t difficult but turned out very well.

Fo: Does being Spanish influence you as a photographer, do you think?

ICdR: Not really, no. In this globalized world influences can come from anywhere via the Internet; although, I do have a good group of photographer friends.

Fo: What is your favorite image on your Fotolia portfolio?

ICdR: I always think my favorite image is the next one – maybe this is what keeps me taking pictures!

Fo: You’ve traveled quite a lot – where was your favorite location to shoot? Where would you really like to go?

ICdR: One of the most impressive sites I’ve visited for landscape photography is Iceland; I definitely want to spend more time touring the country.

Fo: I hope you get go back, it would be great to see more of images from that amazing country.  Thank you very much for your time, Iñigo.

There’s plenty more of Iñigo’s work to see and purchase on his Fotolia profile.