Nasrul Effendy bin Nasir Nordin is 39 and lives in Kajang Selangor, Malaysia with his wife and two children.

Nasrul Effendy

Nasrul Effendy bin Nasir Nordin

He began uploading pictures to Fotolia’s Instant Collection earlier this year, and his atmospheric black and white images, often rather lonely and magical, have won him many admirers – not least here in the Fotolia offices!

We caught up with Nasrul recently and asked him how his interest in photography came about, as well as his experiences of using the Instant App on his iPhone.

Fotolia: How and when did you become interested in photography?

Nasrul Effendy bin Nasir Nordin: I got into the world of photography in the year of 1996 as a hobby – my first camera was a Nikon FM2. I’ve been involved in photography ever since.

Fotolia: Your pictures have a very individual look; have you studied photography at all?

NENN: I never had any formal photography study. Most of the learning were through mutual photography friends, websites, books, and my own practice and experiments.

Nasrul Effendy bin Nasir NordinI have worked on all sorts of photography genres including weddings, infrared, long exposure, studio, and black and white photography. After the Nikon FM2 I moved into Digital SLRs, and the cameras I have used since then include the Nikon D70s, Nikon D90 , D700 , Canon 5D Mark II, and the latest camera I’m using right now – a Canon 5D Mark III.

Fotolia: And when did you realize the power of the camera in your phone?

NENN: Mobile phones have become equipped with higher resolution cameras, photo editing applications now come with them, and you can instantly share on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. But I first became more active in mobile photography back in January 2012, using an iPhone and mobile photo editing applications such as Snapseed.

In addition, to improve my capabilities and add creativity to my iPhone photos, I also got myself some lens accessories that would enable me to take super wide, teles or macro photos.

Fotolia: But you’re a relative newcomer to Fotolia, is that right?

NENN: Yes. I joined Fotolia in October 2013 when a photographer friend suggested that I sell my photos through the iPhone Fotolia Instant application.

Nasrul Effendy bin Nasir NordinFotolia: What was it you liked about Fotolia?

NENN: I took the time to review the Fotolia website and instantly saw that Fotolia was another platform where I could continue to polish my photography skills and creativity. Plus, there were also the financial benefits from potentially selling my photographic images!

I knew that I’d made the right choice, especially when I received the letter stating that I would be featured as Photographer of the Week. I’m thankful to the management of Fotolia and so excited to be part of the Fotolia Team.

Fotolia: And we’ve been excited to see your work!  Thanks you very much for your time, Nasrul.

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