Professional photographers will attest to this tip as many likely use this on a day to day basis with their DSLRs. It’s called Auto-Exposure Lock or AEL for short. To understand how it can help you with your Instant photos, you need to understand a few things. To produce a great photo, the right exposure is needed, which is the average balance of light and dark when composing the image from the camera – your Smartphone does this automatically by default. However, it’s not always what you want – sometimes you’re interested in the lighter part of the photo and sometimes it’s the darker part of it. Playing with the AEL button allows you to take control over your Smartphone default exposure.

With the Fotolia Instant app, this feature is at your fingertips. Simply point at a specific area with the right amount of light, press the AEL button to lock, then aim at the scene you want to capture. With practice you’ll see the huge difference it makes to your photos.

Tip 8 - AEL