If you are new to stock photography and looking to take your phoneography to serious levels, one important aspect to learn about is the Model Release. The Model Release is a form that allows the model to give you legal permission to use their likeness in your photos for commercial purposes. This is important, as pictures uploaded through Instant may be published and used in advertising. You need authorization from the people appearing in the pictures to upload to the Instant Collection.

Tip 5 - Model Release

The Fotolia Instant app makes it easier to manage this process for seasoned stock photo contributors and new photographers alike, by making this process available directly from the app. Create Model Releases quickly and easily, straight from the app. The on-screen instructions walk you through every detail – from recording model details, to witness signatures and even headshots. Once signed and completed, the Fotolia Instant app will auto-generate the Release and submit it with the image for you. It’s that simple.