In light of our new Fotolia Instant App (download it for free in the Apple store) and photo collection, we’re posting 10 tips to help you create the best possible shots over the next 10 days. We’re looking forward to seeing what you’ve got in store for us!

Fotolia Instant Tip #1 : Have Fun. Earn More. Our first tip may come as a surprise to you, but it’s certainly the best one we can give to you if you really want to earn money faster with your Fotolia Instant photos: Have fun! (No, really, have fun!)

It’s not the isolated shots of your food, pets, and staged scenes that will make it to the Fotolia Instant Collection. In fact, the Instant Collection is dedicated to something entirely different – the creative, spontaneous, unplanned, unexpected moments you capture. Our creative consumers are looking for precisely this type of photo for their creative work, portraying life in inspiring ways. This is what makes the Fotolia Instant collection unique and special.

To earn more, stay away from traditional shots and remember this important tip. When you have fun with your shots, you capture the best moments. It’s as simple as that!

Need more info on contributing images? Read more about the Fotolia Instant Collection.