Fotolia launches new collection and mobile app, Fotolia Instant

Users can now capture the moment with their Smartphone with Fotolia Instant!

photoIf you’re wondering what Fotolia has been up to over the past year, we’ve quietly been crafting a new mobile app that will allow Smartphone users to upload and sell directly on Fotolia as part of our new Instant Collection.  The new collection aims to provide more spontaneous, in-the-moment shots that capture a certain mood or feeling, and responds to the growing need for photos of this nature.

Designed for simplicity, Fotolia Instant blends technical excellence and ease-of-use, to give users the best experience possible. Downloadable for free in the Apple Store as of today, the Fotolia Instant app will also be available for Android in the coming months

Redefining industry standards

Fotolia Instant app boasts many great features!

1)    Artistic control: Users can manually control exposure and aperture separately as they shoot; for better, more esthetic shots without cluttering the screen with unnecessary buttons or features, or reducing image quality.

2)    Legal peace of mind: Model Releases, image rights and other legalities are taken care of right in the app, the moment users submit their image. People appearing in the images must sign the Model Release directly from the iPhone’s touch screen, as well as submit their photo ID for verification.

3)    Quality assurance and moderation: Once uploaded, the image is submitted to a team of moderators who inspect each image for quality, esthetic appeal, and originality. Photos with Instagram-like filters or effects will not make it in, and neither will images that do not have the “Instant” feel; that is high-quality, spontaneous photos. This means everyday images of your pet or of your family at the beach won’t make it in.

Fresh new collection offers specific mood

Fotolia’s new Instant Collection, which is dedicated entirely to photos shot using a Smartphone will feature images that cater to a specific, more spontaneous and in-the-moment look. “The increase in social networking and the continuous improvements to the quality of Smartphone cameras have given birth to a more spontaneous and immediate iconographic culture. It’s much less fixed and formatted like before,” explains Fotolia’s CEO and co-founder, Oleg Tscheltzoff.  “The incredible success photography apps for Smartphones have seen proves just how much our society loves to share informal and spontaneous moments.”

We hope you enjoy Fotolia Instant! View the Instant Collection here, or visit the contributor’s page.

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