This month, Fotolia goes to Spain. On Tuesday, Septeber 10, users can download the work of image creator, Sergio Del Puerto, aka Serial Cut™, from Spain.  The piece, “Faux Tiroirs” is inspired by the renaissance period’s “cabinets of curiosities” and is the perfect post modern example: an eclectic mix of old and new, combining human body parts like teeth and arms, mixed with everyday things, but historical science tools, tubes, An enigmatic, strange and wacky jumble that begs the viewer to lose him/her self in the winding mazes of the artist’s mind.

A complex cross between surrealism, pop culture and luxury

Creating Serial Cut’s strange laboratory called for various techniques, from Photoshop photomontage to 3D work with Cinema 4D. The challenge was to harmonize the light and colors of the photographs chosen from Fotolia. “I like it when people take time to examine an image, when then enjoy looking for details, wonder what’s real or digital, etc.”. His style is an interesting intersection of surrealism, pop culture, and perhaps even the baroque, giving his work a unique look and visual identity. “A good designer is defined by his/her capacity and will to develop and defend his/her own projects. The most difficult thing, but also the most necessary, his to have your own visual identity, and an authentic style,” he says. His influences come from a variety of places: his childhood, modern and classic art, architecture, movies such as Monty Python and more.

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