An exhibition of the best photos from the prestigious competition will feature unique images of nature. The exhibition kicks off on September 6th

Europe’s leading microstock agency Fotolia along with DOCMA, the renowned magazine for professional image editing, are presenting a further highlight at the fotoliaLAB in Berlin: from September 7th – 23rd, the winning designs of the DOCMA Award can be viewed at the gallery in Prenzlauer Berg. Under the slogan “Naturally? More beautiful than true”, images of nature were this year’s focus of the prestigious competition. The opening reception will be on Friday  September 6th.

Visitors can expect to see stunning shots of animals, plants and landscapes of the winning images from three different categories: “professional”, “semi-professional” and “in-training”. One image in particular completes the exhibition: John Wilhelm’s photo of two gulls with the title “Health Check”, which won the special prize at the Zingster photo festival, where many of the photographs from this competition were presented earlier this May.

With 1352 images from 392 participants, this year’s DOCMA Award 2013 recorded significantly more entries than in previous years. This is thanks in part, to an expansion of the competition: for the first time, not only were assemblies permitted, but also unprocessed, original image files and any variations in between, as well as digitized pictorial or graphic works and / or 3D scenes with nature themes.

After an editorial pre-selection, 454 images were submitted to an 18-member jury of experienced and knowledgeable experts in the field of photography, including Murat Erimel, Director of Marketing and Media Relations at Fotolia, DOCMA Editor in Chief Christopher Künne and DOCMA publisher Doc Baumann.

“We are very pleased to be able to present the winning designs of the DOCMA Awards for the first time at the fotoliaLAB this year,” says Martin Ruge Loew, Managing Director of Fotolia Germany. “As Europe’s largest provider of microstock imagery, we gladly provide seasoned professionals as well as talented amateurs an opportunity to demonstrate their photographic skills. Great nature photos are not easy to shoot, you need intuition, patience and, of course, some luck. Even more impressive are the pictures of the winners across all categories. ”

“In the 19th Century, an idea of nature developed which still shapes our understanding today.  Accordingly, nature is beautiful, authentic and untouched. It represents an alternative world to civilization to which we can return and rediscover our roots. The competition was also about disrupting this natural understanding, “said Doc Baumann. “Since we initially don’t know which of the images is a slightly edited original photo and which was put together on the computer, questions of image authenticity and nature alike are essential. Additionally, some frames show very clearly that nature cannot only be beautiful, but also disturbing. ”

Along with Fotolia, the DOCMA Award 2013 was sponsored by Adobe, Wacom, Epson, HP and California Sunbounce.

The Event:

  • Time: the exhibition opens September 6th, 2013, 7pm / closing September 27th, 2013, 7pm
  • Location: fotoliaLAB – Lychener Straße 74, 10437 Berlin
  • Exhibition: 7th – 27th September, 2013
  • Opening times: Monday to Friday 10 am to 6 pm and by appointment
  • Seminar: High-speed RAW development with Christoph Künne

And with DOCMA, Fotolia and you, we move straight on to the next project: DOCMA, the magazine for professional image-makers, has developed a system whereby you can produce raw files with an individual look in just seconds. DOCMA Editor-in-Chief, Christopher Künne, will show a small group of selected photographers how it works in practice:  Saturday, September 7th at the fotoliaLAB in Berlin.

If you would like to attend this seminar, all you have to do is apply free of charge with a brief description of why you wish to join and send us your specially created work to: academy [at] Deadline for application is August 30th 2013.

Time: 07 September 2013, 3pm-6pm

Location: fotoliaLAB – Lychener Straße 74, 10437 Berlin

About Fotolia

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About the DOCMA Award

The DOCMA award has been around since 2003. It was launched by the  DOCMA Doc Baumann magazine for image processing to serve as an annual competition in Central Europe and to promote digital image processing. The magazine was founded by Photoshop experts Doc Baumann and Christoph Künne. 53 issues have so far been published. The images that are submitted to the DOCMA Award are judged by a jury of experts during their two-day meeting; the best images are then presented at DOCMA and within an exhibition. The exhibition DOCMA Award 2013 launched for the photo festival “Horizons Zingst” in May 2013, in Zingst.