This month Fotolia goes to Russia, and brings you the artwork of artist Alexey Samsonov – better know as Somistar.  This multitalented artist has lived many lives: accountant, systems administrator, chef… but found his passion in creating digital art.   You can download his PSD for free, on Wednesday, July 10th.

TEN artist for July, Alexey Samsonov’s creation, Island.

Inspiration from travels

Between illusion and reality, Somistar’s work transports us to a far-away, fantastic and mysterious country. His creation, Island, was inspired by his trip to Bali : “I was leaving to Bali Island when Fotolia offered me to participate in TEN. So it became my motivation and inspiration to draw the island where I was going to travel to, as I imagined it,” says the artist.  “I get a lot of inspiration when I travel, when I talk with new people with their own cultures, when I see new places and of course music inspires me too,” he adds.

Island is an inspired piece, in which Bali’s lush greenery and diversity is met with ancient architecture, bright skies, and mystique. You can download it for free, in PSD format on Wednesday, July 10th on, and follow Somistar’s steps as he creates his artwork using the video tutorial.

“For me, creativity lies in conceptualization and realization of ideas.” To Alexey Samsonov, TEN represents a huge opportunity to learn and transmit his knowledge and know-how, as well as his ideas, culture and emotions.

Watch the teaser here

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More about TEN:

On the 10th of every month, at 10am, Fotolia sends out a free PSD created by little-known but highly talented world class artists, using images from Fotolia’s collection.  This unprecedented project allows any web user to download the source PSD file created by the artists and access the set of layers, graphic elements and style effects to use in their own work. The artists walk us through these visually stunning images, the inspiration behind them, and how they created them through tutorials and personal interviews.   So far, the first four artworks have been downloaded over 130 000 times on their release dates.

TEN was born as a community initiative through cooperation between Fotolia and two well-known graphic communities: Wisibility and Amkashop. TEN is also supported by national and international partners, such as Adobe, Behance, FJWestcott and Wacom.

Catch up with us next month, when we go to the US for a new spin on design…. and motion!