On the 10th of every month, at 10am, Fotolia sends out a free PSD created by little-known but highly talented world class artists, using images from Fotolia’s collection.  This unprecedented project allows any web user to download the source PSD file created by the artists and access the set of layers, graphic elements and style effects to use in their own work. The artists walk us through these visually stunning images, the inspiration behind them, and how they created them through tutorials and personal interviews.   So far, the first four artworks have been downloaded over 110 000 times on their release dates.

For TEN, Mike Harrison takes on “animal energy”

 In his subversive but colorful piece, “Just a game”, British artist Mike Harrison blends hand-drawn images with stock photos and rearranges layers and elements for a “homogenous and purely graphic composition”. “I wanted to do something based on a powerful animal, one that would allow me create good energy and complexity. So, using a bull as my main theme, I wanted to create a high-energy illustration loosely based on bullfighting, but adding a playful aspect to it by using certain colors and elements,” he says.

More than just a learning tool for other designers, every artist shares his or her personal style and influences, how they came to become the artists they are today, along with the techniques they used to create the PSD through short videos.  These videos are released on TEN Collection’s Facebook page and on Twitter (@Fotolia).  Watch the teaser.

Mike Harrison’s PSD will be available for free download for 24 hours on Friday May 10th  as of 10 am in your time zone.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TenCollection

Twitter: @Fotolia

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/tencollection

TEN was born as a community initiative through cooperation between Fotolia and two well-known graphic communities: Wisibility and Amkashop. TEN is also supported by national and international partners, such as Adobe, Behance, FJWestcott and Wacom.