On the 10th of every month, at 10am, Fotolia sends out a free PSD created by little-known but highly talented world class artists, using images from Fotolia’s collection.  This unprecedented project allows any web user to download the source PSD file created by the artists and access the set of layers, graphic elements and style effects to use in their own work. The artists walk us through these visually stunning images, the inspiration behind them, and how they created them through tutorials and personal interviews.

Following the success of TEN Collection’s first season, TEN Season 2 officially launched on Dec. 10th 2012, with 10 new artists and two secret artists, to be revealed at a later time this year. The first two creations (by Gustavo Brigante and Soonguy Gwon) set new download records to the TEN site, which already receives over 100,000 visitors in a month. This community initiative was born from cooperation between Fotolia and two well-known graphic communities: Wisibility and Amkashop. TEN is also supported by national and international partners, such as Adobe, Behance, Wacom.

TEN March

 March’s energetic rebellion

March’s artist, Adhemas Batista, is known as a “color salesman” thanks to his use of     bright and lively colors, as he states in his personal slogan, “I’m selling colors”.  Inspired by the vibrancy of his home country, Brazil, Batista’s work is highly energetic, detailed and urban. “I think our environment and personal experiences directly influence our life, as artists or designers. My work is probably more Brazilian than I am. I can be very calm and serious, while it’s happy all the time,” says the now L.A. resident. According to the artist, his creation is a “graphic explosion evoking the urban and youth culture, a kind of energetic rebellion, with bright colors and complex shapes.”

More than just a learning tool for other designers, every artist shares his or her personal style and influences, how they came to become the artists they are today, along with the techniques they used to create the PSD through short videos.  These videos are released on TEN Collection’s Facebook page and on Twitter (@Fotolia).  Watch the lifestyle video and learn more about Adhemas’ personal philosophy and approach to design.

TEN Season 2’s PSD will be available for free download for 24 hours on Friday, March 8th  (PSDs are made available on the 10th of every month unless the 10th falls on a weekend). Check on the TEN Fotolia page to get the PSD.


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