The TEN Collection has come quite a ways since it’s launch in December 2011. With six artists released and with only four more to go, this educational initiative will leave behind a legacy of designer tips & tricks from the very best French digital artists out there.

Designers from all over the globe have benefited from a plethora of PSD layers and have found a renewed sense of inspiration, thanks to the free PSDs that have been available to the public on the 10th of each month.

June introduces now New Yorker, artist Emeric Trahand….also known as Takeshi. In this particular design assignment, Takeshi takes on the “abstract” theme, which results in an explosion of unique elements, complete with 3D renderings and lens flare effects.

The PSD will be available for free on June 8 at 10 a.m., whatever your local time may be, for 24 hours only. Get a glimpse of the design and the history behind the master-mind by watching his short interview video.

And don’t forget to download the PSD for free this Friday by visiting