fotoliaLAB is opening its doors to its second exhibition: “Me, Myself and I”. This is the second exhibition taking place at fotoliaLAB in Berlin, Germany, and features an impressive selection of self-portraits by 40 internationally renowned photographers, including Yuri Arcurs, Andres Rodriguez, Marco Mayer, Diana Drubig and Franz Pfluegl.

Each image is a stunning replica of each photographer portrayed in various poses, situations and moods – essentially becoming the model and focal point of their very own photograph.

The intent of the project was to demonstrate why self-portraits have become so popular as a form of distinctive representation in art history, and to document what happens when photographers change their photo-artistic perspective.

This is a must see if you happen to be in Berlin! Lucky visitors can even experience the exhibition first-hand by trying their own self-portraits on location.


Location: FotoliaLAB –  Lychener Straße 74, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Exhibition dates: April 14 – July 13, 2012

Hours: Monday to Friday, 10 am – 6 pm and by appointment

About fotoliaLAB
fotoliaLAB is an event and exhibition space that was created to highlight artistic images from Fotolia’s library of over 16 million images. Exhibition rooms feature extraordinary photographs by renowned artists from all over the globe. Fotolia regularly presents new and exceptional photographers and artistic projects in the context of stock photography.

“Me, Myself & I” featured artists:

Scott Griessel, tiero, olly, Benicce, Franz Pfluegl, Andres Rodriguez, Amir Kaljikovic, Katie Little, Nadine Platzek, Patrizia Tilly, George Mayer, Marco Mayer, drubig-photo, Ariwasabi, soup studio, Andrea Rankovic, Kasandra, fdenb, detailblick, Floki Fotos, william87, Mysterieux Boy, Wanja Jacob, AA+W, Victor Zastol’skiy, Lsantilli, Herby (Herbert), Masson, DURIS Guillaume, Robert Kneschke, Shopartgallery, Antonio Gravante, Detelina Petkova, K.Körner/deviantART, Detelina Petkova, Lulu Berlu, Giuseppe Porzani, Anatoly Tiplyashin, Yuri Arcurs, SOMATUSCANI, konradbak.