Today we welcome back our very own Garth Johnson who has just returned from a special volunteer trip to teach photography at Sparrow Schools in Johannesburg. Not like many other schools, Sparrow’s sole purpose is to prepare children from townships who face learning challenges with the tools and skills they need to succeed in the workplace.

Teach photography to aspiring students? Garth didn’t need much convincing. Before we knew it he was boarding a plane to South Africa and taunting us back at the office with fun updates.

Most of us know Garth as Fotolia’s EVP and jack of all trades by day, and avid shutter-bug by night. But Garth is also one of the founders of Rule of Thirds – a not-for-profit collaborative effort helping artists around the world to train, equip and mentor artists in developing countries. Along with two other Rule of Thirds colleagues, Garth spent one week mentoring and teaching excited students the “rule of thirds” of all things photography. The mission was to fuel the students with passion, some know-how and a desire to further develop their photography skills. And the result? A success! Not only were the kids tickled with enthusiasm and delight, but Garth was too!

As sad as he is to have parted with his new student friends, Garth returned to us overjoyed by his amazing experience, knowing that he left his students with a bright future to look forward to.

Garth’s adventures with Sparrow Schools doesn’t end here. We’ll keep you updated on future developments as they arise.

Garth Johnson, far left, strikes a pose with his students and fellow Third of Rule colleagues at Sparrow Schools

If you would like to read more about Sparrow Schools and their initiatives, be sure to check out their website.