“Start with shooting what you know and do best, because your image will only sell if it’s better than the similar thumbnail next to it,” is the advice renowned photographers Morgan and Aurélie David de Lossy have for those trying to make a name for themselves in microstock. And, in case the last name David de Lossy sounds familiar to you, it is because Morgan was born into the business. His parents are some of the biggest classic stock producers worldwide.
Morgan and Aurélie have made a name for themselves in their own right. They say their success is attributed to volume, variety, and technical perfection. Using a medium format camera, the David de Lossy’s find that images they shot four years ago are still way over the quality asked by stock buyers today. With an equal emphasis on post-production, their images are providing a continuous return on investment. Morgan and Aurélie have made a career and lifestyle out of shooting microstock.
Morgan & Aurélie David de Lossy