Today we proudly present the winner of our 3 000 000th image competition. The contributor who uploaded most images in the 3 million seconds after our image 3 million is Mrs. Ana Liza S. Steiert from Berlin with the impressive number of 3,719 images. With Ana we found a particularly typical Fotolian who perfectly reflects what Fotolia is about. She was born 1965 in the Philippines. Following a career in the hotel and catering sector she has lived and worked in Macau, New Delhi, Dubai, Cairo and Berlin. Ana’s husband Oliver is a famous chef granting her access to the knowledge and ingredients necessary for food photography. Most of her images are actual co-productions with Oliver. Ana sent us a very private and interesting letter describing her photographic career and illustrating her story with images from her private album. Ana writes:

My grandfather told me to cherish my photos, so that one day when somebody asks me where I was coming from, I only need to show my photos …
After my grandfather’s death in 1987, I left the Philippines and landed a job at the Mandarin Oriental, Macao – where I first met Oliver. In 1990, I left my job there as Training Manager to join Oliver in the Philippines. Two weeks after I arrived in BaguioCity, a strong earthquake struck, killing hundreds of people and destroying the Hyatt Terraces Hotel where Oliver was working. We survived it without any scar, and the rest is history…

Tomorrow is grandpa’s 21st death anniversary. This year Oliver and I will celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary with 3 energetic children. And we stumbled on Fotolia almost exactly a year ago – while we were trying to set up our own Art Print Design website. Fotolia has a fantastic set-up for buyers and sellers. The amazing range of photos cater to different needs of a wide variety of people, from real-life snapshots to highly sophisticated ones.

Our photo technique is a mixture of experience, relationship with the subject and technology. We are using Olympus SLR digital camera with 10 million pixels, standard lens 14-42mm, angle viewfinder plus expodisc filter. Most of our photos are shot in daylight. Oliver the passionate chef in our family has over 25 years of experience.
We congratulate Ana (and Oliver)who earned herself 3,000 Credits and we want to thank all other contributors who took part in this contest. You all are winners because your images will be generating sales.
With far above 14,000 images Ana Liza is one of the most industrious photographers on Fotolia. So it is no surprise that she won this contest. Check out her portfolio!