Two months ago we released the Fotolia API. The Fotolia API is a programming interface used by developers to create new applications, widgets, and websites from the Fotolia website. Since the launch of the API many developers have started to create these new applications, many of which will soon be released.

Fotolia is also utilizing the power of the API to create its own new products (more information to come).
We recently added new methods to the current API:
We added methods to help manage and organize user galleries. You can now create/remove galleries using the Fotolia API. It is also possible to add an image to a user’s lightbox or one of his galleries. Using these new methods it is possible to create application that can manage your Fotolia galleries directly from your desktop or extranet.
User Statistics
We also expanded the method “getUserStats” with “getUserAdvancedStats” which allows you to pull user statistics during a selected period of time. All the information visible on the Stats tab of the “My files” section is now available through the API. Using this information you can create a Fotolia Stats widget through Google, Yahoo, Mac, Netvibes, Windows Vista, to view and analyze these Stats on your desktop in real-time.
Search Improvements
And last but not least we improved the “GetSearchResults function by adding a new parameter called “detail level”. When this parameter is set to 1 the API will return more information about each file for example, number of views, downloads, the creation date, or the keywords. It is a very practical tool to create a powerful search application based on the Fotolia website.
Information about the Fotolia API

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