LogoWe are very pleased to announce the newest version of Fotolia passionately referred to as V2. We have been working on this new version for about one year. The design stayed pretty much the same but we totally rebuilt the underlying architecture and code of the website to increase stability, performances and functionality.
We hope this will help Fotolia become a major player in the stock image industry.

Performance: Speed, Stability and Search enhancement
Fotolia numbers have grown exponentially in the last year. Millions of people visit Fotolia every month; tens of thousands of images are uploaded and download each day, so our first priority has been to improve web performance in this new version. We completely rebuilt the structure to offer the latest technologies for performances in terms of stability, speed and usability.
With the increase in web performance, our search capabilities have soared. The search function has been enhanced to be faster, more accurate, and user friendly. Our new server architecture can support millions of new visitors and image files without any speed or stability loss. In addition to technical improvements, V2 supports the future internationalization of Fotolia with respect to global standards and new language implementation.
Fotolia Service : API
From day one, Fotolia has focused on partnerships. Fotolia is the preferred stock photography agency for many partners all over the world. With V2, a new step has been reached – making Fotolia even more connectable and open to the outside world. We launched an API (Application Programming Interface) allowing partners to integrate Fotolia services in their applications or products. Many partners (printers, portals and blog platform) are lined up and ready to integrate the Fotolia API in their applications, which will bring in lots of new users. In addition to that, the API is offered to developers to build applications intended to improve the Fotolia experience (plugin, add-on, widget etc.). There will be lots of news to come about the API in the next few weeks.
More information about API >>
New files : Fotolia Accepts Vectors
Another priority for the new version was to be able to handle new graphic formats to satisfy and support new industry and creative needs. The first new format to be introduced is a vector. It is now possible to buy and sell SVG vectors in Fotolia. SVG is an open standard for vectors which is expanding a lot, thanks to the mobile and web industry. The uploading process is very simple, you just have to submit an SVG file which will be handled by our current system. There is no need to attach any thumbnail or upload any ZIP files. Vectors are very useful since they can be resized without any quality loss. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) is the only accepted format for uploads; however, vector downloads will be available in EPS or SVG. Other creative files will soon be accepted for sale and purchase through Fotolia.
More information about vectors >>
Galleries & Folders
As you might know, galleries are folders that can be created in your lightbox. Members use galleries to organize files within the Fotolia website.. The gallery manager has been improved using Ajax features to optimize gallery creation and management. For example, you will now be able to organize images within galleries. Fotolia has also applied this new folder organization system to the upload panel where contributors can categorize and arrange their images more effectively. Thanks to this new organization system, bulk changes will soon be available at the folder level.
Editing Process
The editing process has been slightly simplified and optimized. Categories are now optional (although it is highly recommended) and our keywording system has been changed. In order to avoid spelling mistakes, words that are not recognized by our dictionaries are colored in red. You can then decide if you would like to change/remove the word or leave it like that because it corresponds to a proper name or a word “not in the dictionary”. Do not forget to arrange your keywords by relevance; first keywords should be the most relevant to your images. In addition, we provide the means better to manage your model and property releases in a new section. Under “My Files > Model releases” you can now add, view, edit or delete existing and new model releases.
In addition to the features describe below many other changes have been done like for example:
Flash Upload System : we replace the old upload java application by a brand new flash upload system which allow cool bulk uploads for those who don’t want to hear of FTP.
Zip File Download : What a pain when you buy 30 images and you have to upload one at a time. It is now possible to click once to get all the images in a zip file to download.
New License Introduction : we introduced a small size license perfect for web usage. It is called the S standard license and available for all files.