Adding to Fotolia’s popular collection of bitmap images (jpeg photography), Fotolia now supports vector illustrations. Vector graphics use geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and polygons to represent images. One main advantages of this kind of graphic is that Vectors are made from a series of mathematical curves that will print sharply even when resized.

Vectors are becoming a popular file format for use in a variety of fields, from printing and web design, with major advantages. For example, an image created with a vector graphic can be printed on a business card and then enlarged to billboard size while maintaining sharp resolution and high image quality, offering versatility for printing professionals.
Additionally, vectors are becoming the format of choice with web designers over rasterized images. New web browsers support a vector format (SVG), which makes it possible for web editors to integrate images that are interactive and can be modified without quality loss. In addition to these specific uses, vectors can be converted into images and be integrated in any kind of print and digital document as any other graphic.
Buying vectors on Fotolia
Vectors files are now available on the Fotolia website while searching for images. Vectors are offered in two formats (AI and EPS) and one size, since you can dictate the size you want without quality loss. Most vector and image editing programs are able to open and edit these formats. Prices for vector illustrations start at 4 credits and extended licenses may be available if the author chooses.
Selling Vectors on Fotolia
It is very easy to submit and sell vectors on Fotolia. In order to be able to upload a vector file, you must create a zip file with the vector in it as well as a thumbnail of it (thumbnails resolution must not be less than 2400 x 1600). This zip file should contain all of the files as its root (subfolders are not supported). .
Requirement : ONLY AI and EPS files are accepted. To ensure maximum compatibility, please save your vectors for a lower Illustrator version (for example: Illustrator 10). Most vector editing programs support vector formats, including Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape and Coreldraw.
Vectors have their own price structure, similar to the price structure for still JPEG images. For more information on vector prices please review the information on the pricing page.