One of the thrills of working for Fotolia is observing the growth of outstanding photographers. For several weeks I have been watching the portfolio of Elena Elisseeva.

I have invited Elena to share some information about her life and work. In her own words:
I am 38 years old, living in Toronto, Canada, and am thrilled to be involved in the growth of micro-stock photography. I grew up in Moscow, Russia, where I studied physics and achieved a Ph.D. at Moscow State University. I had a number of research jobs, and now find myself working in the corporate world of software development. Recently, my need to create and capture the beauty of life around us has found a home with micro-stock photography, which I would love to do full time.
Photography has always been a hobby of mine. My dad taught me the basics when I was young. He developed his own black and white film and did his own prints. I loved the pictures he made, and began using his old 35mm camera to take black and white photos and color slides of my own.
Moving from film to digital photography was a wonderful experience. I got a Canon Powershot G2 camera for my birthday one year, and the potential of the digital world took my breath away. Being released from the expense and time of working with film was very liberating. It was quite by accident that I came across a micro-stock site on the web last year, and it felt like such a natural extension of the digital world. After having a few submissions accepted, I quickly got hooked. It wasn’t long before I sought more powerful equipment, so I upgraded to a Nikon D200. It has served me well, and I keep learning and expanding my range as I work.
Not surprisingly, my thirst for new equipment didn’t stop at upgrading my camera. I have added several lenses and other equipment along the way. My choices for new equipment are always guided by where I want to grow. When I feel I have reached a limit I look to expand into something new like learning more about lighting or macro photography. Photography is so rich that I feel I will never run out of things to learn.
My compositions tend to be simple. Beauty can be found all around us everywhere you look. I like to shoot a variety of subjects all the time to learn and experiment with new techniques. It is so satisfying to capture the essence of what my eye sees in a photograph and have others recognize the purpose of the shot.
I think micro-stock industry has a great future. Fotolia is on the forefront and I am happy to be a part of it.
Click here to see more of her work.