Driven directly from Rome, Fotolia Italia is now available for Italian buyers and photographers.

Fotolia continues its international expansion and has opened a new office – Fotolia Italia.
Fotolia Italia boasts an Italian language website, allowing buyers to search for images in the native Italian language and for Italian photographers to index their images in their own language.
Fotolia Italia will have its own blog dealing with photography and design in Italian and its own Forum for the Italian community. Fotolia strives to have a truly local presence wherever possible.
In addition to that, our Rome office will be in charge of Italian customer service and making deals and partnerships with Italian companies.
Some deals are already in the pipeline to be announced!
Fotolia is now available in the US , France, Germany, Spain, the UK and, from today, Italy.
We are working hard to develop our international presence so that we can offer our customers more original and diverse images, while providing our contributors with a larger set of clients.
Viva Italia !