Fotolia believes in building a strong user community to share knowledge and camaraderie. We started with the blog, and then the forum, but now Fotolia is happy to announce a new wiki called Wikilia.

A wiki is a website whose pages can be modified by anyone. The wiki will contain important information for the community. Some sections are already created and must be completed but other sections can be created by anybody. Wikilia is a space shared by all members from all countries, however the official language of Wikilia is English. Before editing the wiki, please read the information contained in the Wikilia sidebar.
The wiki is currently divided into three sections :
Intellectual Property Database
This section will contain information about things protected by intellectual property. This section contains general information and local pages to list places and monuments protected by countries. The list is already big but needs to be completed. It is our goal to build the largest community built intellectual property database.
We will actively clean the Fotolia database of images infringing on intellectual property laws.
Photo Hall of Fame
The “Photo Hall of Fame” section contains ads, emails, and other artistic creations produced from Fotolia images. If you created something from Fotolia images or if you find something that uses Fotolia images, you can easily add it to the “Photo Hall of Fame” section. Contributors find joy in seeing their work as part of a finished marketing campaign, website, advertisement, or project.
More and more Fotolia members are organizing meetings around the world. The FotoBar is dedicated to encourage and facilitate members to meet together. Meetings are currently organized through the forum but with FotoBar and the wiki it should be easier to plan everything.
Feel free to contribute by completing a section or creating a new one! Enjoy!