To preserve order and a friendly community we ask everyone to please respect the following rules when posting to the Fotolia forum.

Article 1
Forum users must be friendly, civil, and respectful of other members, visitors, moderators, and Fotolia. Aggressive and disrespectful behavior towards Fotolia or its members will not be tolerated.
Article 2
Do not post technical problems in the forum. If you have complaints or problems with the Fotolia service please contact customer service by opening a new ticket.
Article 3
Each post to the forum must be written in English with a proper title and description of the post.
Article 4
The forum may not be used to promote websites outside of Fotolia including your personal websites, competitors, photo websites, and non photo related websites. You may link to your Fotolia portfolio or images in your account. However, it is strictly forbidden to link to or speak about Fotolia competitors.
Article 5
To protect the personal data of Fotolia and its members, members may not post any sales, volume, or pricing statistics in the forum.
Article 6
Keep your message topics limited to subjects the community is interested in such as photography, design, graphic arts, or other related subjects. Try not to fill the forum with uninteresting posts and please add detailed titles to your messages.
Article 7
The opinions posted in this forum by members, visitors, and even by Fotolia employees are those of the authors and may not reflect the opinions of Fotolia.
Article 8
We reserve the right to change these rules without notice at any time. We also reserve the right to change, block, or delete any post in the Fotolia forum. If these rules are broken Fotolia may remove the post and expel the user from the forum.