Welcome to a new article called Photographer of the Week. As the team debated over who would be the first US photographer of the week one name kept rising to the top. She is great a photographer, important voice in the community, and a joy to have with us. We are proud to announce Jo Ann Snover as our first Photographer of the Week.

Summary about myself…
I’ve been taking photographs for about 20 years, but selling stock for just over one year. I’m a mother of two young children trying to fit in a part-time business with school schedules and the various other family commitments. I have worked in the past as a typographer, in sales support, marketing, as a designer and a software engineer.
My Photography
I have long had a love of photos as part of the personal history of families (and was lucky to have an uncle who was a photographer). The first photos I took were of the woods and river outside our home in New Hampshire to take home to England on a visit to see my family (I live in the US now but was born and raised in England).I enjoy the wonderful combination of truth and fiction that comes from lifting one frame from the panorama of what’s around us and one fraction of a second from the stream of events.
My involvement with Fotolia
I first uploaded photographs to Fotolia in September as it seemed to have a useful addition to the stock marketplace – offering its storefront in multiple languages to appeal to a broader worldwide audience. I was pleased to see sales start while I was still in the process of uploading files, and there’s been steady sales activity which seemed excellent for what was at the time a beta site.

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Favorite Photo
It is nearly impossible to pick just one favorite photo, but my current favorite is one I took of my daughter recently. I love it because it captures how excited she was getting ready for a friend’s birthday party. She had new clothes and I had curled her hair for the first time – she called them “party curls”. I expect to look back on this fondly during her teenage rebellion!

Good luck Jo Ann from all of us here at Fotolia!