The best way for a photograph to be found in the Fotolia database is to automatically identify and index the contents of the photograph. A Fotolia photograph with a large and accurate list of key words increases the chance for a buyer to research, identify, and select the photograph for purchase.
The key words represent an important part of the indexing process. They are a precise approach to add a conceptual dimension to the images. On Fotolia, the order of the key words is very important. The most relevant key words should be listed first followed by less relevant but important key words.
Choosing key words
For photographers to choose good key words, it is necessary to imagine in what context the customer will find the photographers image. If for example, a photograph of a light bulb is submitted, it should be thought as to why and how the customer will search for this image.

  • Because they seek the photograph of a light bulb (key words: bulb, filament)
  • Because they seek a photograph relative to light (key words: light, to light, luminous)
  • Because they seek a photograph expressing inventiveness or creativity (key words: to create, imagine, think, idea, imagination)

The key words for light bulb would be for example:
bulb; filament; light; to light; luminous; to create, imagine, to think, idea, imagination
Key word structure
Key word structure is important data and it is necessary to imagine the ways in which buyers are accustomed to search for images with key words.

  • Only nouns, verbs or adjectives (no adverbs for example)
  • Buyer prefer singular terms
  • Put verbs into infinitive form ( ex : do, make, and not makes or made)
  • Use correct spelling
  • Do not use abbreviation


Marriage – alliance – to marry – tenderness – fidelity – ceremony – youth – couple
Keyword Process
To create a very powerful and relevant search engine Fotolia requires that the first seven keywords be placed in order of importance/relevance. Follow these steps to enter keywords:

  • Enter keywords in the left box of the photo editing page.
  • Separate the keywords by a “,” or “;”
  • Click the “add” button to move the keywords to the right box
  • As needed rearrange your keywords in the right box by selecting one or more keywords and use the “Up”, “Down”, or “Move to the Top” links to position the keywords in the correct order.

Please understand, it is important to have a large number of accurate key words. It will increase the chance of selling the photograph.
If you have any questions about keywords please contact customer support.