The IPTC logo means Fotolia supports IPTC information.
IPTC (International Press Telecommunication Council) is an organization that was created in 1965 charged to develop and promote standards for image data exchange bound for the press.
IPTC metadata is information that allows photographers to describe and to document image files. IPTC information is encapsulated inside the image.
For example:

  • the name of the image
  • the title of the image
  • key words describing the image
  • the author of the image, the creation date, etc.

Fotolia detects, saves, and writes over 12 IPTC Meta tags in each image according to the IPTC standards. Integration of this information allows photographers to preserve the photographs data even if this photo is not indexed in a data base.
IPTC compliant applications make it possible to organize a collection of photographs on a computer and search for images by keyword.