Contributors ask us everyday what kind of stock photography are we looking for. While Fotolia does not specialize in any specific subject or themes, what we are able to respond with is that we seek high-quality, marketable stock photography.

Stock photography covers so many subjects, cultures, issues, concepts, and ideas. And it is always changing, developing and progressing. As with all fashions and trends, what was hot last year may not necessarily be hot this year.

Fotolia is essentially a platform whereby clients/potential customers can peruse a catalogue of photos to meet the requirements of the perfect image they need for their marketing brochure, presentation, website, billboard or other project. These buyers are often graphic designers, marketing professionals, publishing houses, ad agencies and can range from individual freelancers to multinational corporations.

Little asian girl

If you are submitting images that are similar to other photos on the website that don’t stand out from the crowd, or are not of the upmost, superior quality then you have a good chance at seeing them get lost in the crowd. To help you increase your visibility and sales we have a few suggestions:

Technical Perfection

Girl looking at birthday cake surrounded by friends

To get the attention your images deserve all photos submitted to Fotolia must be of the highest technical quality. This means all your photos must be properly exposed, in focus, sharp, free from noise and dust. Photos with natural contrast and bright colors usually sell and print well for customers. Photos that are not technically perfect will be rejected from the database. It is important however not to overly post-process your image. Wrinkles, moles, freckles for example are what make us real and paralleled in imagery are what make it relatable and as a result more popular. Not everyone wants post-production perfection.

Monks on the U Bein Bridge, Amarapura, Myanmar

Technical Guidelines

  • Images must be in JPEG format
  • Minimum image resolution must be 2400 x 1600 pixels (4MP)
  • Images must have normal aspect ratios
  • File size must be less than 30 MB
  • Files must not be re-sized (you must upload your files in their original resolution)
  • You must be the original creator of the image
  • You must have a valid model release for each person represented in your files
  • Your images must not include logos or protected trademarks.
  • Your images must not include buildings, goods, or places protected by intellectual property rights

Capture a Theme

Choose a subject, situation, activity or trade that interests you and try to illustrate that idea through your photography. Stock imagery has traditionally been considered to be relatively stable however due to the fundamental nature for every business to stay relevant, clients want fresh content that offers them choice, whether that be more conservative ‘stock’, or something more unique and edgy.

Children on a dock at a lake

We’re seeing an increase in the popularity of ‘situation’ images that depict those ‘in the moment’ scenarios. Isolated images (people/objects on a white background) are not so popular any more.

Depict a Conceptual Idea

Create images that illustrate an abstract idea, concept or emotion such as honesty, health, pleasure, sadness, love, creativity, intelligence. It gives a different perspective of the theme to the client who may be looking for something subtler and less generic than the stereotypical visual generally associated.

Pink heart made of rose petals

Popular subjects and trends

You can discover the top visual trends to look out for in 2015 here. In addition, the popularity of the Fotolia Instant Collection, a dedicated gallery for images uploaded via smartphones has proven the desire for spontaneous, fun, free-spirited imagery, ideal for the younger generation, captivating their more playful approach to life.

For more information on increasing the amount of images accepted to Fotolia as well as maximising your potential sales you can check it out here.