As winter ends and spring begins all photographers get excited about finally moving back outdoors for pictures. Some parts of the world are slower to change to the new season than others. Often photographers go through a mental block during the winter and early spring. They are not inspired by anything and to make things worse its cold outside or the weather is never quite right.


To help shake off those winter blues might I suggest a few self assignments to get you going again:
First you need to have a camera every where you go. It does not have to be your $5000 Nikon just a basic light weight camera. Great photography opportunities might come along and you need to be ready. So make sure you have film or media cards, and batteries with you at all times.
Second choose a theme. The theme can be simple, silly, or abstract.
Third choose a time frame. For the month of March I will shoot contrasts or street art.
Here are a few self assignments I have come across:
Contrasts, Close ups, street photography, backyard nature, same place different time, in your room, 24 pictures in 24 hours, reflections, clouds, religion in America, symbols, cafes, old and new,
Other inspirations have come to me from, photography books on Amazon, Popular Photography magazines, and stock photography websites like Fotolia. If they can do it so can you.
The idea is not to think of a grand subject but to get you out shooting and be creative with the assignment given.
Here is a picture I found and captured when my theme was “my room”.